French Media

French Newspapers

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Oldest national daily in France.

Paris daily with local to international news.

One of the most respected newspapers in the world.

Also called Libé. Known for its center-left political slant.

French Magazines

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Great for learning French and French culture.

French version of Elle.

French weekly with an independent political viewpoint.

Stories on French-American culture in both languages.

Stories on film, music, literature, tourism, food, grammar.

French general information magazine based in Paris.

Weekly covering national and international news.

 World and French news, politics, economy and technology.

French Television

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French-German take on culture and the arts.

Premium network with entertainment and sports. Some American programs in French.

Features dramas, game shows and light entertainment.

FR 3 – Entertainment and cultural programs.

All-news channel.

French, American and British programs, including science fiction.

Most popular network in France and Europe.

TV5 – A global TV network in French.

Some users reported difficulty with viewing French television outside of France.  If you experience such difficulty, please follow this link for ways to watch French television.

French Radio

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Features historical, philosophical, sociopolitical, scientific programs, literary readings, radio plays and experimental productions.

Generalist slant on serious news and entertainment    with an eclectic mix of music.

Dedicated to classical and jazz music.

Known as RFI, offering a mix of news and radio programs in French, English and other languages.