French films in Nashville

Ciné Club meets once a month to watch French-language films from a variety of genres. All films are shown in French with English subtitles unless otherwise indicated. Activity is free for AFN members. This activity is reserved for adult members only.

Ciné Club is currently conducted online. For more information, contact Amy Bertram at

For October ciné-club opportunities, please attend the virtual 51st annual Nashville Film Festival today through Oct. 7. In particular, two French language films were nominated for the Narrative Feature category and AFN’s ciné-club coordinator, Dr. Amy Bertram, was on the jury and interviewed the directors of these two films.

First, the French Canadian film Kuessipan (2019) is about Innu native people living on the border of two cultures, their Innu heritage and the predominantly white rest of Québec. It traces the long-term friendship of two adolescents played by two talented non-professional Innu women, directed by Miriam Verreault. Amy had the honor of interviewing Myriam and that Q&A is included with the price of the film.

Next, the film Les nôtres (Our Own, 2020), is a different and disturbing coming of age story about a 13-year-old with a secret that disrupts the entire small town community, by Jeanne Leblanc. Amy also interviewed Jeanne and this Q&A is also included with the ticket price. Interestingly, Jeanne worked as 1st Assistant Director to Myriam on Kuessipan.

All events are virtual and can be watched on your own schedule. Further information about this year’s festival and tickets can be purchased on their website,

In November, we will have a virtual film discussion about these two films, date and time TBA. Thanks for your support of French language films brought to our community every year by the Nashville Film Festival.