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Alliance Française de Nashville follows the internationally-recognized CEFR levels, from A1 to C2, to meet your needs and grow your skills. We welcome beginners to advanced students alike!
Each level is taught in 3 sessions (typically Fall, Winter, and Spring) of 10 weeks each.

Beginner (A1-2)

For people who have had some (1-2 years) to no previous exposure to French.

Edito (A1 or A2) textbook (Livre + DVD-rom) and workbook (Cahier + CD mp3)

$290/session for AFN member
$340/session for non-members (incl. membership)

Intermediate (B1-2)

For people who have had good exposure (2-4 years) to French and who are able to describe events in the present, past and future tenses.

Edito (B1 or B2) textbook (Livre + DVD-rom) and workbook (Cahier + CD mp3)

$290/session for AFN member
$340/session for non-members (incl. membership)

Advanced (C1-2)

For people who feel quite comfortable reading and writing about various topics whether it pertains to the news, personal events or simple literature.

Edito (C1) textbook (Livre + DVD-rom) and workbook (Cahier + CD mp3)

$290/session for AFN member
$340/session for non-members (incl. membership)

Advanced Conversation

For people who master French grammatical points, tenses, and are able to express opinions and defend an argument in French.

No textbook

$150/session for AFN member
$200/session for non-members (incl. membership)

Exploring French through Pop Culture (A Class For Teens)

Veteran French teacher Jacob Truax takes students on a journey through music, poetry, film, and literature spanning the decades. Each week of this 10-week course will explore a different theme, with interconnected popular culture media. Our students will springboard off the learning provided in high school French classes and examine under-explored areas of French culture that are not covered by the regular high-school curriculum.

This Zoom class is available for Nashville-area teens ages 12 to 18. It is recommended that students be in French II or higher level, though motivated French I students are certainly welcome. Lessons will be presented in English and an English translation and explanation of all media will be provided, but some understanding of French language is necessary to fully appreciate the media studied. Students may be expected to watch episodes of television shows or listen to music in preparation for certain classes.

No textbook

$200/session (no membership requirement)

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Our Team of Educators

Our teachers are passionate about the French language and focused on students and their needs. Our small size classes foster a great learning environment in a convivial and friendly atmosphere.

Amy Pigott (Education)
Anne-Sophie Dubosson (Teacher)
Honorine Rouiller (Teacher)
Jacob Truax (Teacher)
Joanne Hunter (Teacher)
Leslie Hinson (Education Chair)
Paul Makande (Teacher)
Sandrine Salome (Education Chair)
Sylvie Camus (Teacher)

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Class registration is currently close. We will announce the details of the next session as soon as we are able. Sessions typically happen in the Fall (September-November), Winter (January-March), and Spring (April-June).

Frequently asked questions

Does AFN offer classes for children?

At this time, AFN does not offer any classes or programs specifically designed for children. All classes are currently for adults.

Does AFN offer language proficiency tests (DELPH, ALTA, etc.)?

Currently, we do not offer any official proficiency testing. We recommend reaching out to the Tennessee Language Center (https://tfli.org/), which is an agency of the University of Tennessee’s Institute for Public Service and has more official options for testing. 

When does the next class session start?

AFN holds three class sessions a year. Fall classes typically begin in mid-September and end before Thanksgiving. Winter classes typically being in mid-January and end in March. Spring classes typically begin in April and go to the beginning of June.

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Supporting teachers in Middle Tennessee

Nina Walls Scholarship

The Nina Walls Scholarship enables recipients to attend a month-long summer study session at an Alliance Française in a francophone country and to live with a French-speaking family there. This scholarship is a unique opportunity to absorb local culture while improving fluency in French.

Nina Walls Scholarship pays for the tuition at the Alliance Française, room, and half board with a family, and contributes $1,500 towards airfare or other travel.

Deauville Program

A teaching internship in Deauville, France, will be awarded to a French-speaking candidate who has experience or promise as a teacher of English for young students. The selected intern will teach English in the primary schools of Deauville for the entire academic year.

Deauville internship provides salary, local accommodations and health insurance. Interns are responsible for transportation to and from France as well as for any expenses incurred in securing passports and work visas. AFN does not provide any assistance.

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