Advanced Intermediate French Classes

Advanced Intermediate French classes are offered on Tuesday evenings, from 6:00-8:00 pm.

The Advanced Intermediate’s class is aimed at people who have had three to four years of exposure to French and who feel quite comfortable reading and writing about various topics whether it pertains to the news, personal events or simple literature. The main goal of this class is to deepen grammatical knowledge (tune in to the intricacies of the French language) while practicing oral proficiency. The class is exclusively conducted in French.

At the end of Advanced Intermediate French, students should be able to express wishes and hopes; understand and summarize a book; share opinions and justify choices; imagine a different past and express regret; lend or ask to borrow items; understand the history of an event; and express alerts and incentives.

In order to complete the Advanced Intermediate level, we recommend that students follow up with the Advanced Intermediate course Part 2 in the Winter and Part 3 in the Spring.

Conversation is an integral part of every class meeting in Advanced Intermediate.

Not sure if you are an Advanced Intermediate? Take a placement test here.

The text required for the class is Edito niv. B2 (book and exercise book).

You can click here to download a PDF to print and mail to register.

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Cost for AFN members is $290 per class session.

Cost for non-members is $335 per class session and includes AFN one year membership.