Melissa Buchanan is an International Baccalaureate French teacher at Hillsboro Comprehensive High School. She has loved and studied the French language for at least the past 16 years. Her interest stems from experiences in high school with her French teacher and led to her majoring in French at MTSU and participating in the year-long exchange between MTSU and Caen.

With work experience with the United States Coast Guard, The State Department, Texas A&M with the Department of Homeland Security as an Immigration Officer, and as an ELL and French teacher, Melissa has come to greatly appreciate languages and cultures and always seek to understand. She participates in Alliance Française events and those of the Sister Cities of Nashville, the most recent of which involved chaperoning 12 students in Caen, France for a 17-day trip. Currently she teaches French 1, French IV and V IB, and Contemporary Issues and loves every minute.

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