Amélie de Gaulle is the great-niece of General de Gaulle and grew up in Paris while her great-uncle was the president of France. She left Paris almost 30 years ago for Nashville, and in a way, this distance from France gives her a special appreciation for it. Introduced to art at an early age by her mother’s family, she practiced the violin during her childhood. However, she oriented her career towards fine arts after being admitted to the prestigious Camondo School in Paris, and she became an interior designer. After relocating to Nashville, Amélie opened her interior design studio, Amélie de Gaulle Interiors.

Amélie serves as the Honorary Consul of France in Nashville and on the boards of several organizations with connection to French art and culture. She has raised her children in Nashville but has found it important to preserve a bit of “French harmony” at home. Amélie can be reached at